About Spectrum Noir


Spectrum Noir is a growing range of alcohol and watercolour mediums which have been designed to suit beginner colourists, students and artists alike. For high quality, affordable and vivid colours, Spectrum Noir is the brand for you.

The History

The Beginning

Spectrum Noir has been around for longer than you might think. We began in 2012 as a small range of alcohol markers developed by our parent company, Crafter’s Companion. Our large and loyal base of craft customers is still a big part of our story today.   

The Original Marker

The original Spectrum Noir alcohol-marker went through several improvements and iterations. The water-soluble Aqua marker was another early addition to the line-up. Then in 2014 we launched Illustrator, our premium alcohol-based brush marker. Illustrator also saw several iterations in its early days, with key refinements to the all-important brush nib. 


As our technical and manufacturing capabilities continued to grow, we took the decision to revamp the much-loved original Spectrum Noir marker and in 2016 Classique was launched as a complement to Illustrator. To strengthen and underscore our alcohol marker line-up.


Today, Spectrum Noir continues to innovate and develop new product. Our complete range incorporates alcohol and water-based markers, coloured pencils, metallic markers, glitter pens and more. But most important of all, Spectrum Noir focuses on product quality and performance as this is what ultimately unlocks professional results. 

The Ranges