About Tart


The TART’s credo is to make art more accessible to people. For more than 20 years, they have been producing a wide range of the easels, pochade boxes, palettes, clipboards and other accessories for artists. TART company promotes art in Ukraine and abroad. They care for affordability of their products for Ukrainian and international artists. Over the years of production, Ternopil easels have become popular among Ukrainian craftsmen and compete with the best European models. Art is a space for personal freedom that helps a person to express own authenticity and uniqueness. And each of TART's easels give the opportunity to create freely. Indeed, every year hundreds of young artists from Ukraine and other countries begin their first work on the TART’s easels.


TART only uses beech wood in the production of goods. Because beech is high quality in its durability and environmental friendliness. Furthermore, this kind of wood is aesthetically pleasing. All wooden details are permeated with safe and natural linseed oil, that gives a necessary moisture protection and a beautiful shade. Beech wood is good for handling and is the best choice for the creation of the lightweight and sophisticated easels of all types.


TART company is responsible for the standardization of the quality of manufacturing products. Because this is not only our respect for the artists but their trust in our brand. All our easels are manufactured according to the company’s technical specifications and approved by the State Standards of Ukraine.

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