About Williamsburg Oils


Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is a manufacturer of artist quality materials including colors and mediums for painting in acrylics, oil color and most recently, watercolor. The GOLDEN brand of acrylics is known for quality and archival integrity as well as being the most innovative and extensive system available. Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors was acquired by Golden Artist Colors after the death of founder and artist Carl Plansky in 2009. Williamsburg is known for its quality and extensive palette of colors including genuine Italian Earth Colors. Since joining the Golden Artist Colors family, the palette has expanded to include French Earth Colors and a range of colors made with Safflower Oil, as well as special edition and custom colors.

The History

Carl Plansky makes paint

In the mid 1980s Carl Plansky began making paint for himself and his friends in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Move to New York

Carl's paintmaking operation grew to employ several people and was moved to Oneonta, New York.

Carl's legacy continues

The legacy and integrity of Carl's paint business survived his death in October of 2009.

Golden buys Williamsburg Oils

In the Spring of 2010 Golden Artist Colors assumed responsibility for realising Carl's dream for truly unique paints and mediums that reflect not only the traditions of painting in Europe and North America, but the artist's passion that drives them forward.

Williamsburg Oils HQ

The Ranges