Bob Elcock

Although Bob Elcock started drawing and painting as a young man, it was not until he took very early retirement that he was able to concentrate on painting full time.

Over the years he has completed hundreds of commissions and still gets a terrific kick from painting a picture that is both accurate and pleasing.

At his one day animal workshops, he encourages everyone to bring their own picture of an animal they wish to paint to get a more “individual hands-on” style tuition instead of a “do what he does, paint by numbers” approach. It encourages people to try and with constant help, find that the lessons learned tend to stick in the memory longer. Bob believes it is important to teach the techniques of what the product can do, which in turn, helps you develop your own style later.

Bob has taken this belief into his DVDs along with his policy of explaining everything. This has resulted in a lot of people, most, absolute beginners, now taking on commissions themselves.