Complaints Policy

Global Art Supplies Ltd strives for excellence in everything we do. Occasionally we will fall short of the high expectations members, customers and partners have for us. When that happens, we want to know. This allows us to consider what has happened and have a chance to rectify any mistakes we may have made. A thorough and transparent complaints procedure helps us do this.

Our complaints policy covers all types of complaint, to ensure that all complaints are treated with due consideration, fairness and equitability. It covers all services and products which we deliver directly or are delivered by third parties on our behalf; and also, the behaviour and conduct of our staff.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) complaints

If you wish to complain to Global Art Supplies about how your personal information has been processed; your (GDPR) complaint has been handled, or appeal against any decision made following a complaint you can do so using the GDPR complaint form and by addressing this directly to our Compliance Officer.

For a copy of our GDPR complaint form please contact our Compliance Officer at