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New February content on GOLDEN’s JUST PAINT EXPERIENCE!

This month, we’re exploring a variety of textured grounds from smooth to rough and demonstrating how different drawing and painting media interact with these textures. 

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Interview with our newest Material Applications Specialist Mirjam Hintz

Mirjam defines common terms used when talking about prepapring a surface for paint, including ground, primer, and sizing and discusses some of the considerations artists should take as they lay down the foundation for their work.

February Lesson Plans


 Step-by-step instructions on practical techniques. Share these with customers and encourage them to stop in for the supplies they’ll need!

  • Surfaces for Drawing. GOLDEN Fiber Paste, Pastel Ground and Fluid Iridescent Micaceous Iron Oxide are used to prepare drawing surfaces for graphite pencil, colored pencil and pastel.
  • Creating an Embossed Textural Ground. Use GOLDEN Hard Molding Paste with stencils and stamps to create a unique textured surface for painting or drawing.