About Möbius + Ruppert


Möbius and Ruppert, or M+R for short, have a history within the pencil trade that dates back to 1908, and they’ve been producing high quality pencil sharpeners since 1922.

The History

First Manufactured Sharpener

Our company ancestor Theodor Paul Möbius, brother of one of the two later company founders, was the first to industrially manufacture a sharpener in 1908. 

Möbius + Ruppert Was Founded

Alfred Möbius and Heinrich Ruppert founded the company "Möbius+Ruppert". They initially produce pencil sharpeners made of synthetic resin, magnesium and die-cast zinc with 20 employees.

Möbius + Ruppert Was Relocated

Möbius+Ruppert relocated the company headquarters to the “Wöhrmühle” in Erlangen, which has not changed to this day.

Product Diversification Progresses

Product diversification progresses and the range expands to include drawing instruments.

Paper Cutting Machines

Paper cutting machines for private and technical use are added to the range as the third product category.

Möbius + Ruppert is Certified

Möbius + Ruppert is certified according to the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard for the first time

Ernst Fischer Resignes as Managing Director

After more than 65 years in the service of Möbius + Ruppert, Ernst Fischer (grandson of company founder Alfred Möbius) resigned as managing director for reasons of age in the course of company succession. 

Möbius + Ruppert is Certified

As part of a surveillance audit, Möbius + Ruppert is certified according to the updated ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.

Möbius + Ruppert Worldwide

Möbius+Ruppert employs 60 people. The product range has also been continuously expanded. The branded products for school, office and hobby are exported to over 75 countries worldwide.

M+R Headquarters

The Ranges