Legal Graffiti Walls

Dear User,

As the UK distributor for Montana Cans we are always looking to promote street artists when and where we can. In doing so, we realised that it’s not always easy finding a safe and legal place to paint. So, with your help we have created a legal wall finder for the UK graffiti scene. 

Naturally, some of these locations may change with time, so we ask for your support in keeping it up-to-date. 

All you have to do is email if you know of any legal walls in the UK that are not in our finder. Similarly, if you see any wall that we have shared that is no longer available for use please contact us.

If an artist wants to have their work displayed on the Legal Walls UK Finder please tag your images to the Legal Walls UK Instagram page – @legalwallsuk or email

We look forward to working with you.