About Portable Painter


Unplug from the electronic world and connect with your surroundings. Ideal gift for the traveler or artist. Compact elegant design: The two halves of the outer case remove and re-attach to form water containers that have undulating top surfaces that easily hold a brush. The sturdy pedestal bases serve as fixed water containers. Easy to support: hands-free, on rough terrain, a day pack or even a knee. Set it anywhere. Two folding palettes offer a variety of divided wells for mixing colors. When it's time to travel, the set folds up easily into a backpack, purse, or laptop case, ready for your next painting session. Mix your favorite paints in the pans provided. When you're ready to paint, just add water.

Photo: Mick Victor

Steve Padden - Founder & Designer

Born and educated in the UK where he was awarded a degree in Fine Art, with a major in sculpture and drawing.  In the USA, his creative talents eventually expressed themselves fully in industrial design; most recently with the Portable Painter Classic and the new Portable Painter Micro.  As you will see, they benefit from his many years in product development, a lifetime of painting in various media, plus his long experience wrangling watercolors and other art supplies while traveling!

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